Sometimes participants of Bible study groups, when reading the Book of Psalms, will attempt to write a psalm, often one based on the well-known Twenty-Third Psalm. A particularly enthusiastic student might undertake the composition of 150 psalms, the number of psalms in the Book of Psalms.

In this collection of 150 original psalms, I have presented content relevant to today’s world, while drawing inspiration from the biblical psalms. As I composed, I posted my psalms in progress in chronological order, along with my nature photography, to my blog, titled, PsalmSpeak.

The final manuscript, titled, A Crown of Psalms: 150 Poetic Meditations, is categorized into three main sections:
“A Peal of Psalms,” a children’s book (psalms 17 through 9, 17 being the first);
“Psalms on Our Lips,” a selection of psalms on spiritual themes;
“Psalms in Plain Sight,” a selection of psalms on religious themes from my personal Baha’i perspective.

To readers who may identify some inconsistency in capitalization of sacred names, I offer the explanation that my method involves a degree of poetic license, using Baha’i conventions as a rule, but observing the style of the King James version of the Bible at times for effect.

These psalms are simple expressions. I regard them to be a kind of folk art, possibly evolving as they are shared. In the case of the biblical psalms, we have lost their melodies; perhaps the psalms in this collection will be modified if music is added. It is my hope that they will be uplifting suggestions for the reader’s consideration.


Psalm 150

Praise the Lord of gladness in your grief:
~~the solstice may shift, but the sun is the same.

Praise the Lord of acceptance in your anger;
~~praise the Lord of confidence in your fear.

Praise the Lord of eternity in your earthly life:
~~the Lord of beginning of enlightenment is end without end.


Psalm 149

Merciful Lord, Your myriad mercies—
~~and I, like a forest at the timberline—my musings and metaphors.

Merciful Lord, Your multitude of mercies—my years of sin—
~~if I had words . . .