Psalm 26

Thanks and giving honor Ayyam-i-Ha, the days of five, as sure as stepping stones in a stream;
~~moments rising above time like waves that sing from a stirring string;

Moments as remembered as wishes hushed from lovers’ call to whispered calm,
~~as momentous as wonder grown from child’s quest to grown-up’s testament;

And we, on calendar’s bridge, in the night of the year, stand, suspended between stars in the timelessness beyond and those in the water below,
~~as though we are gifts exchanged between them.


Psalm 25

As flesh and core send seeds of a new season,

and sun foreshadows sun;

~~So seer and vision stand before a dawning revelation,

as heaven unearths heaven.


Psalm 24

A man in prayer is as quiet as the wind when the wind is quiet,
its breezy breath struggled still;
~~a limb in praise is as quick as the wind when the wind is quickened,
bending bough into bow, branch bowing low,
bridged to fit a higher will.