Psalm 120

Where will the knight’s quest end,
~~and what will the pure knight find?

Enemies may cross his path,
~~and castle treasures tempt him.

Such were the Templar keepers who settled the foot of Mount Carmel;
~~they found their aim not an end, but the world’s center. Amen.


Psalm 119

May the loving God comfort you with his name, the Comforter.

May the God of grace bless you in his name, the Blessed Beauty.

May the one true God be your trust by his name, the Spirit of Truth.

May the God of the prophets keep you through his name, the Promised One.

May the God of faith call you to his name, the Glory of God.

Psalm 118

Praise the God of ages, who embraces us with the days of Ayyam-i-Ha,
~~moments like notes of his glad song,
~~dark and dawn like text on a page in his book of glory.

Psalm 117

Praise the Giver of clear flowing rivers;
~~Thank the Bringer of pure misting falls.

As waters relinquish and vapors rise,
~~So the earth-bound release their souls to fly.

As rains replenish and settle fields of prayer,
~~So the time-bound find their souls renewed.

He has restored paradise through the clouds of glory;
~~In a drop through the gate of heaven, the place-bound are reborn.

Psalm 116

Please, friend, if you seek a home of peace, family of man, divine foundation, windows to heaven;
~~pray a prayer, praise; sing a hymn, proclaim; raise a psalm: speak!

Psalm 115

How can a helpless human survive immersed in water?
~~How is it feeblekind survives immersed nine months in water?

How can an infant overcome the aching tides of need and letting go?
~~Lord, help me pass the tempting waves of hope and having, past beginning to being.

Psalm 114

For man, His mystery, the God of all accords a science to His will;
~~the Lord wraps wonder in His order that man may marvel at His rule.

Psalm 113

Love is a call
~~and love, the message.

Love is a gift
~~and the gift’s long-lived use.

Love is the path a pilgrim follows
~~on his journey home.

Psalm 112

The fledgling breaks free and sails in a smooth glide following nature’s will, but the freedom of human will is not smooth:
~~man is like the quavering of a fragile branch, a twig’s tremor as winged hope springs to flight.

Psalm 111

Seed of Abraham, flower of brotherhood: Alleluia.
~~tree of life, root of remembrance and reunion: Allah’u’abha.

Psalm 110

The principled man finds God within his midnight-perfect heart;
~~The pure soul severs his hushed, sweet sin.

The devoted one beholds God within his dearly-embraced free heart;
~~The loving soul rests his fever-born desire.

The accomplished self communes with God in his unicorn-beautiful true heart;
~~The worthy soul forfeits his gleaming, treasured fraud.

The inspired life discovers God within his desert-nested beating heart;
~~The creative soul relinquishes his hollow, howling void.

The perceptive mind remembers God within his ghostly certain heart;
~~The wise soul lays down his gossamer shroud of misery.

The faithful voice regains God within his king-bowing followed heart;
~~The brave soul forsakes his ready, bloodhounded dread.

The thankful spirit divines God within his ever-emptying full heart;
~~The joyous soul burns the flame of his glorious pain.

The powerful figure unearths God in his dragon-egg innocent heart;
~~The strong soul guts his finely fortified will.

The peaceful being faces God in his light-blinding whole heart;
~~The balanced soul drops his endless, beginningless fall.


Psalm 109

Still in my dream and imagining: awake, Apocalypse!
~~Four horsemen are riding; four horsemen are writing with fire in the night fields, writing with stars on silver snow.

Wondrous vision, burning earth, I see a dark dawn:
~~Why raise my eyes to early embers?

It is the will of my Beloved: My eyes open in flames of love,
~~a Covenant as strong as the Holy City, a morning star, its heaven and Bride, the Holy Mountain, its gold dome.

Psalm 108

The fearful set the world ablaze and turn its heart to ash,
~~but the faithful move the world;
~~they set the hearts ablaze and turn the earth to God.

Psalm 107

As the eagle wields its sight for life, O Lord,
~~so let me see Your signs in Scripture, the mysteries of Your Word.

Psalm 106

Who is Baha’u’llah, my Lord?
~~Who is my Lord? Baha’u’llah.

Psalm 105

Praise God as the mineral kingdom praises God;
~~lift your voice as the rocks, mountains, rivers, air.

Praise God as the plant kingdom praises him;
~~lift your voice as the clover on the prairie, the ancient giant sequoia.

Praise God as the animal kingdom praises God;
~~lift your voice as the wolf whether lone or in the pack.

Praise God as the child of the kingdom gives him praise;
~~uplift your voice as the returned adult, having seen the saint.

Praise him;
~~give him praise.

Psalm 104

Men shout power over my voice;
~~men, as cruel as children, shout power; they are crowned world’s owners over my voice.

They leave me nothing in a loud void;
~~they leave my company; I am nothingness in a just God.

I know them; I was once that child:
~~I, unknowing, was once childish, judging I was nothing like them, proud.

How can the child find himself above even a beast?
~~How blessed the man like a creature that hears past human voice, even high, even low.

Psalm 103

One is God,
~~and none other.

His aim will not be scattered;
~~his heart will not be broken.

Psalm 102

The Lord is my healer;
~~my soul is well in his all-healing hand.

My spirit is whole in the arm of his care;
~~the Holy One is my cure.

Give me medicine from the physician who follows him;
~~give me a remedy from the doctor who hallows him.

Psalm 101

I set my feet in fields where you dwell, O Lord, in meadows swelled with chamomile;
~~I press my heels on hillocks where you ripen petaled eyes and there I sense a spray of yellow solace.

From your scent, the fragrance of lavender warms my bath;
~~from your palate, the flavor of coriander fills my bowl.

Let the greenlings of all the earth fall before me on a path that leads me only to your nearness;
~~let my desires descend from the ever-higher mountain pass.

Make my wonder at your handiwork a world of joy;
~~make my comfort the secrets of love you cradle in the folds of a rose.

Psalm 100

Blessed is the daughter who loves the Lord as the willow loves the river,
~~as the slender branch loves the river and the wren.

Blessed is the son who loves God as stone loves the earth,
~~as soft, pure marble loves its earthly calling and the sculptor’s angel song.

Psalm 99

As an upright man protects his daughter,
~~so shall I be mindful of my maiden thought.

Psalm 98

As the glow of the moon shows the hidden work of the sun,
~~so the work of The Hidden Words shows the light of religion as one.

Psalm 97

Let me look up, Lord, from my low place to the point of your wisdom;
~~let me be eye and eagle circling the high peak, absorbed by a crystal of snow.

Psalm 96

Father of the fatherless, Friend of the friendless, Forgiver of the unforgiven,
~~One without whom my soul is utterly abandoned:

when my hope alone asks not to be forbidden,
~~unlock and open the hosts of heaven!

Psalm 95

Psalm, praise grace and bliss.
Psalm, voice noise and glory.
Psalm, silence tears and sorrow.
Psalm, sing joy and heaven.