Psalm (no other) 88

No fortress of stone nor palace of gold will still my soul;
~~not a fortress in mountain mist or palace of sun in a sapphire sky will still my ceaseless soul.

Nothing in my honor named on a banner,
~~not anything known of my renown raised on a towering standard;

None such as mother of pearl,
~~no one so much as queen of hearts;

Never a sword of glory,
~~not ever a saber of greatness in feat or threat;

Neither wellspring of healing nor fountain of youth,
~~not either diamond mine or lion’s pride, not even royal robe or cloak or warm-blooded coat;

Nor silver spoon and noble land,
~~neither any table spread with milk and honey;

Naught but God alone will fill the whole of my soul;
~~none ought but God, for no other will fill my soul.