Psalm (follow) 93

Love God with all your heart, and follow your heart;
~~love God, heart, and follow.

The maiden flight risks all, full wing and emptying,
~~as does honest conversation.

First cast your heart onto the shore:
~~continents of wonderment will teem with being.


Psalm 77

Not Sultan, Shah, nor Caesar, none;
~~none but God and God alone:

He sends His blessed Rain, His human Word,
~~and once again, His Blessed endures the human sword.

The more able their attempts to wound,
~~the more capable is His Strength found.

The more they try to bury the Promised One,
~~the more their fury wish the Promise gone;
~~the more splendidly has His Light always shone.


Psalm (not untarnished) 92

not untarnished, not unflawed,
~~but restored;

not unsullied, not unscarred,
~~but pruned, trained, not unfruitful;

wiser from the lesson, stronger from the poison,
~~reborn, remade, not ungrateful


Psalm 76

Why must Your Love suffer, Lord;
~~why offer Your Word on Earth to teeth of cruelty?

And why do You say it is the work of the Pure,
~~and prisoning the Perfect will set men free?