Psalm 74

In Tehran, Husayn Ali was born;
~~in the heart of Persia and the throne of Iran, Baha’u’llah, the Glory of God, was born.

In the land of Ta, the Redeemer of All Mankind arose;
~~the Lord of the Covenant, the Sun of Righteousness arose.

In the 1817th year of our Lord, the Wronged One of the World appeared;
~~in the nineteenth century, in the middle east, the First and the Last was made manifest.

In the age of fading monarchs and fallen stars, the King of Glory emerged;
~~in the time of the end, the Day of God Himself began.


Psalm (Angels) 87

Angels, surround me, come down around me:
~~angels surround me, angels come down around me.

Angels, calm me:
~~angels calm me, comfort and console me.

Angels, guide me:
~~angels guide me, guard and teach me.

Angels, hear me:
~~angels hear me.


Psalm of the River 86

I will sing your verses, O my Ocean;
~~I will sing your sacred waves on the shore of my soul.

I will stir the air to hear the spirit of your prayer;
~~I will lift my voice the way a water’s body raises rain to touch the land.

I will be a song of devotion, a storm of passion, a stream of praise;
~~I will be a rage of river that roars its way to the sea.