Psalm 136

May you soar beyond your search,
~~and may you find the Source of love.

May you see your knowledge as a gift and favor,
~~not to beam or overshadow,
~~but to warm the fruit of unity.

May the spirit of your surrender brook such contentment
~~as to melt the winter mountain’s power,
~~and stream a secret valley of budding wonder.

And may your pooling will evaporate and rise to a high place,
~~and then be gently sent to green the faith of every living thing.


Psalm 135

Pastel petals, bright-ripened spikes; bitter medicine from sweet poison:
~~my Lord, the giver.

Camouflaged predator, camouflaged prey; clever cover with clear purpose:
~~my Lord, the giver.

Measurement, infinity; oneness and one:
~~my Lord, the giver.

Natural disaster, natural wonder; folding an order in forming another:
~~my Lord, the giver, giver of treasure, coin of loss and gain.


Psalm 134

Generation follows generation,
~~and son follows father.
Abdu’l-Baha, perfect follower of perfection,
~~son and light of the Blessed Perfection:
His example was set ray by ray and hope;
~~and in His twilight He set a plan to continue His work,
~~for generations sun by sun to continue His work.