Psalm 132

Where, Lord, are your children of community,
~~and where are your children of human unity?

Where are your former rule and order, Lord,
~~and honored borders under your sovereignty?

The seed of this generation is scattered past reach:
~~is this your plan?

As the ripened fruit drops and rolls its core to a new place,
~~and winged seeds flutter in the wayward wind,

and as the burr and barb snarl in fur and feather,
~~so they all fall by your design and plant a sign of your good nature:

and as surely as your friend the squirrel will lodge more acorns than he needs,
~~so each new life will embrace a greater season’s company.


Psalm 131

Saving Grace, save us from the safe war, unmanned arms that captivate our minds: at their impact, I quake.
~~God, spare us the undeclared war, the terror of surrender to it: this new wave.
~~Set down the horror of remote war: the minute detail it leaves in its wake.

We praise the wonder of wireless fire,
~~we prize the ash of earth where we see the target die,
~~and we believe this artificial ease will become less dire.

Keep us, Lord, until the rain of self-propelled intelligence is seen as drought,
~~until a reign of peace is found,
~~until we have in hand the nearest perfect end for which we fought.


Psalm 130

They say war can be won;
~~they say in war we stand to gain:

I say the soul has stepped back before training has begun;
~~I say our ground is set back if we march to win.