Psalm 63

Happy this day for friends in faith:

~~Let us treasure faith together.

Dear Friends,
The irony of this photo is that in order to get a December holly picture, I had to take it in July. So, it reminds me to be a friend in faith throughout all seasons.
Loving greetings for the holidays,


Psalm 62

Every eye shall see the Father in His glory,

~~and every pupil with insight shall recognize Him;

For every vision has been given and every sign and seal revealed,

~~and every view restored and every witness reborn.


Psalm 61

This is the day not followed by night:
~~blindness will not lead the faith of God;

Follow the Master:*
~~that perfect Servant, pure Follower of the Glory of God.

*'Abdu'l-Baha (1844-1921)


Psalm 60

Greater than centuries of heroic poetry is Your Word, Lord,
~~and grander than any man's command;

Mightier than epic ambition is Your Revelation,
~~and finer than the waterfall twisted into a silk scroll.


Psalm 59

Nearing God increases wonder,

~~and nearing His whisper fills the listening soul:

His hum gives assurance;

~~His tap and pat begin and confirm a firm course.

His ringing call,

~~His thunderous-sounding ponderous pounding,

His vast and sweeping overpowering hail astounding

~~swell the trembling, listening, hearing soul.