Psalm 123

Let me come closer, Lord,
~~and come closer to me.

As psalmic lines move finger pilgrims over paper,
~~so make the measure of my verse, Lord, ever closer.

Psalm 122

God enlightened His children as they grew;
~~He put forth a season of wildflowers in a promised land.

His early lovers called on Him in cycles of serpentine struggles;
~~the brave and frightened psalmist of Zion also called on Him.

In time, the Lord made youth from the lining of the child;
~~He raised His warmed ones to outgrow their ancient unawakened ways.

Soft rays dispersed cloudy young minds,
~~and mild rains filtered the dust of childhood.

Youth grew into a great century of light, filled and satisfied;
~~in this day, Earth is such a youth, robust, rebellious, in sweet ripeness and pride.

With dread and judgment, the Father Himself will appear to still this natural struggle;
~~the Lord will show their wandering the way.

Surely youth in all their wild lands will look toward light and glory;
~~they will walk toward light and glory along this rocky floor of the sky.

Psalm 121

Set a table, celebrate and eat;
~~set out a feast after the yearly month of fasting.

What shall we eat in the beginning of spring, before the planting?
~~Before the Ridvan meeting and its planning, what shall we eat?

Winter greens over-winter underground;
~~feel the burst of fresh miracles as they become your mouth.