Psalm 67

Fortunate are the hopeful, who opt not to follow the doubtful, neither accompany the proud, nor attend the vain divided by pride like earth that breaks apart;
~~And favored are the faithful, believers in peace, filled with the promise that lights the minds of men.

For the reward of the watchful is now to be seen: the time of peace emerging like the sudden butterfly waiting, wings formed and filling,
~~the hour of absolute knowing, still, to be astonished at its flight.


Psalm (healing and wellbeing) 82

Joy in the Lord is my home,
~~and delight in His will is my dwelling.

I make room for His grace,
~~but never is there a place for walls of pride.

The open door of His word is my all;
~~the warm and open door of His word is my all-abiding all.

I welcome the Lord:
~~come in, Lord, and I am well.

Should I fall ill, the shelter of the Lord will be my healing,
~~and should I fail, the healing Lord will be the shelter of my fall.