Psalm 58

Truth and Worthy Trust, let the bold who seek You see, and greatly pleased let them all be;
~~but please, Lord, teach me tenderly.

Inform my faith the way swelling days enlarge the meadow where expectant does graze,
~~not like the upward struggle of a burdened mountain burro.

Yet, if You choose to try me Job-like,
~~then set my life aside from deathly illness as sad as childless silence, from doubt sounding like a well-intentioned wife, and from defense surrounding like a force of friends:
~~then set my life inside the center of my soul, and cast Your will around me as You please.


Psalm 57

Prophecy is honored;
~~God’s promise is fulfilled.

His servants have inherited the earth;
~~His humble and humbled will build the world anew.

On the far side of Armageddon, men reflect one human race and kind;
~~whether us or other, His kingdom will bring all mortals together.

The seed of the meek shall inherit it;
~~immortal generations will live in it: named one race, humankind.


Psalm 56

That Your dear ones may be delivered,
~~that Your dearly loved be saved,
~~that Your beloved be set free, like the scent of hyacinths on a bend of wind,

Lord, let Your children remain as willful as a tumble of twisted twigs,
~~save the sincere, lifting as selflessly as dew in morning’s innocence;

And in the saddened land of a parched and hardened heart,
~~before day’s end folds up the sun, hear me.


Psalm 55

Trust God, or it may be you who will love lust more than beauty’s perfect portion and prefer a lure rather than a friendship’s fitting gift;
~~have faith: He shall render, under winter’s hush, every single astonishment of spring.

Psalm 54

The Lord Victorious bestowed upon us His Son, the Master, as an inheritance;
~~Center of His Covenant, whom He loved.


Psalm 53

The believer follows the light and frees men from the darkness;
~~by this, God enfolds him in garments of fellowship, threads of friendship, silk and gold.

Psalm 52

The greatest name of God increases my home and happiness;
~~“God the All-Glorious” creates my safe place of rest:

His name repeats between my lips,
~~the way a robin takes fresh flight with a single twig to build its nest.