Psalm (May 23) 85

Raise my spirit, O my soul, to such rays of inspiration that I find myself above the realm of rise and fall;
~~rouse my sight, O my soul, to the site of streaming light, past days of shameless waste and the dark hunger of night.

Lift my innocence, O my soul, like a windborne seed;
~~begin an air of wonder in newfound life, O my soul, with a wakened planting, like a beaming stand of trees, or a grace of ease to stand on the springborn’s first morning.


Psalm 73

What have I to give, Lord, and what have I to offer?
~~What gifts have I save the favors You have given me?

Your presence moves within me the way spring hyacinths refresh the wind;
~~Your purpose moves me the way the questions of a child at play renew a man’s strength to plow and plant.