Psalm 32

My Lord astonishes above my asking;
~~before my quest, He opens an eternal sky.

In my hand and hope of fruit, I find His orchards;
~~on my plate are placed the harvests of His fields.

To wet my lips, my Lord fills earthen basins sheened in sea;
~~to fill my cup, He pours a stream of life.

Before my being, my Beloved knows me;
~~my Love watches over me before I see.


Psalm 31

Bountiful and blessed is the man who grants his goodness to a stranger,
~~and does not bring injury to another, though he himself be injured.

Happy the people who give according to God's gold and rule,
~~and pleased is God with them.

They are His travelers, shaping their way through shadows in the desert;
~~they appear to one another on the path, east of storm and west of sand.

And when each passerby directs the nearing one to the other's next oasis,
~~then each describes abundance to the other,
~~how rich the land where each cares for his brother.


Psalm 30

In every age there is a Prophet,
~~and a Messenger in every era Whose call returns in spirit.

Many are called: kings are called to raise the banner of His name;
~~Many kings are called.

Many are called: patriarchs are called to attain the mountain where every eye shall see;
~~Many patriarchs are called.

Many are called: divines are called in clouds to praise the Glory of the Father;
~~Many divines are called.

Many are called: rulers are called to enter His holy vineyard;
~~Many rulers are called.

Many are called by the sovereign Lord: all vassals in His realm;
~~Many by the sovereign Lord of all are called.