Psalm 110

The principled man finds God within his midnight-perfect heart;
~~The pure soul severs his hushed, sweet sin.

The devoted one beholds God within his dearly-embraced free heart;
~~The loving soul rests his fever-born desire.

The accomplished self communes with God in his unicorn-beautiful true heart;
~~The worthy soul forfeits his gleaming, treasured fraud.

The inspired life discovers God within his desert-nested beating heart;
~~The creative soul relinquishes his hollow, howling void.

The perceptive mind remembers God within his ghostly certain heart;
~~The wise soul lays down his gossamer shroud of misery.

The faithful voice regains God within his king-bowing followed heart;
~~The brave soul forsakes his ready, bloodhounded dread.

The thankful spirit divines God within his ever-emptying full heart;
~~The joyous soul burns the flame of his glorious pain.

The powerful figure unearths God in his dragon-egg innocent heart;
~~The strong soul guts his finely fortified will.

The peaceful being faces God in his light-blinding whole heart;
~~The balanced soul drops his endless, beginningless fall.

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