Psalm 29

The Lord has ordered nature according to His pleasure,
~~and formed creation to conform with His perfection.

By His measure, human nature may sing His praise;
~~my beloved’s voice is soft and strong.

For His favor, we pledge to abide within the will of God;
~~our marriage vow is the heart’s guide, a covenant our love’s song.


Alexander M Zoltai said...

Your written beauty continues to soar...

How many psalms is you cycle going to contain?

MARLEY said...

Thank you for visiting! My goal is to compose 150 psalms for a little book, the number of psalms in the biblical book of psalms, over a period of time, as I study and learn the genre. My psalms are about today’s world from a Baha’i perspective. For example, this one is about the Baha’i marriage vow which has been revealed by Baha’u’llah for conditions in the world today, a very important cornerstone of every society.