Psalm 143

Why deprive me, Lord, when You are king of everything;
~~when you hold all life’s wonder in Your hand?

And why make man depend on earth,
~~when his soul is all he really has?

How can I divine the days of my life
~~when You are author of both faith and wealth, maker of
both mirage and miracle, worker of the ocean and an ocean in a conch shell?

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Nona said...

Is God the only one that determines our fate? Why do we have to be dependent on food, clothes and shelter to survive? How can I create my own life when things keep getting in the way (like financial woes, loved ones getting sick, etc.)? And yet, you give me miracles too! Does any of this make sense? Possibly part of life's journey is knowing that we might not know the "why" of everything and we need to just roll with the punches, take things as they come, and not worry about what will happen, trusting that God does love us and care about us. (Your psalm has really gotten me to thinking!)