Psalm 13

Blessed is the true seeker, the wayfarer of the hopeful heart, who moves in silent step,
~~Not like a beast that stamps its sodden sign.
The true seeker presses toward the voice of the Beloved the way a ram leaps through mountain mist,
~~But the heedless hides his heart behind him like a promise broken, a friend forgotten, bread unshared.
The selfish, busy piling earthly things which must, in time, turn and tumble, can never be like the true seeker;
~~The sojourner lives as simply as a useful herb that gives its shoots and roots, its leaves, flowers, and seeded fruit.
The wanderer is more at home than kings in palaces because he understands the poor,
~~And his reward is his Beloved’s Word.
Blessed is the true seeker,
~~Whose search for truth is graced.

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