Psalm 9

I will attend Your paradise garden, my Adored One;
~~I will tend to Your ambrosia, Your begonia, Your chrysanthemum.
I will cultivate Your lifting daffodil, O my Desire;
~~I will care for Your echinacea, Your forsythia, Your geranium.
I will guard Your swaying hydrangea, O Happiness;
~~I will safeguard Your iris, Your jasmine, Your kokam tree.
I will keep Your bobbing lobelia, O Life’s Delight;
~~I will be kind to Your magnolia, Your nasturtium, Your orchid.
I will oversee Your opening petunia, my own Protector;
~~And I will honor by the hour Your quassia, Your rhododendron, Your salvia.
I will see to Your lilting trillium, O Transcendent Lord;
~~I will serve Your urticaceae, Your viscaria,Your wisteria.
I will watch Your stretching xeranthemum, O Excellence;
~~I will work in Your yellow yarrow, Your blazing zinnia, Your ever-flowering fields.

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